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Validated FIPS 140-2
The Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) encompasses validation testing for cryptographic modules and algorithms:
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The new KEY-UP III security encryption devices
for electronic funds transfer applications utilize
the latest security specifications mandated by
the American National Standards Institute
(ANSI) while offering significant performance
improvements and lower cost per transaction.
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KEY-UP II & III units provide total facilities to create, store and secure the following DES keys:

Function KEY-UP II
Q1, Q2
Generate Working Key
Translate Working Key for Distribution
Translate Working Key for Local Storage
Translate Working Key for Local Storage (Switch)  
Load ATM Master Key
Change ATM Comm Key
Encrypt FIT - KPV
Encrypt Working Key for Transfer - Secondary to Primary Node
Generate VISA Working Key
Encrypt PIN
Translate PIN
Encrypt Data
Decrypt Data
Translate Data
Generate MAC
Verify and Translate MAC
Load KEY-UP Key Table
Delete Key Table Entry
Verify Key Table Entry
Clear Key Table 
Load Diebold Table

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Electronic Funds Transfer EFT Triple DES Encryption
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